Human Capital Strategies & Solutions

Why contact HCSS?

Most organizations produce goods or services, and they measure some form of output as a measure of success. We believe that the measurements must also include a new way of looking at creating a dream team. One of the most important aspects of an organization’s success is its ability to harness the human assets to work together, to create genius.

This working together calls for a balanced approach to Human Capital. HCSS works with clients to help provide actionable steps, review and use data to create a balanced approach/habits to create a success story today, tomorrow and in the future. A key component is making sure the team is inclusive of a variety of people, thoughts, experiences and beliefs and aligns their human capital initiatives to sustain a winning team.

Companies can achieve a heightened understanding of where their targeted initiatives (organization, associates, associate’s family and the community) are by implementing an appropriate mix of both qualitative measurements designed to capture the experience of associates, as well as quantitative measurements to anchor those results.

These are the same steps, conversations associates have when they start looking for opportunities (internal and external your organization).



Are they sharing their story?



  • Surveys to measure inclusion should also encourage and facilitate transparent communication.  
    • Personal Growth & Happiness – Less than 15% of workers feel they are engaged at work. 
    • Horizontal Relationships – Team relationships are the keys to winning championships, being the premier employer, best community, etc. 
    • Vertical Relationships – People need to feel that they can achieve, at work, in the community and at home. 
    • Recognition and Feedback – Honest and timely recognition allows people to develop a better sense of contributing to the team and that leads to a stronger sense of belonging.
    • Ambassadorship – What does the associate, the associate’s family, the community think about the organization? 



 Many companies statistically achieve “diversity” in lower and mid-level positions while upper and executive management remain exclusive.


Performance Issues

Outcomes (as defined by the organization such as revenue, cost per unit, cycle time, first pass prime, etc.). 



People don’t normally leave companies, they leave managers and their habits.

Simply stated - Everyone matters.